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What happens during a massage?

During the massage we use direct pressure and compression to spread the muscle fibers freeing adhesions and restrictions.  This improves circulation to the muscles and also removes metabolic waste.  Massage is always completed as a full body massage with only the use of my hands, so that we are able to feel the muscle tension and/or any adhesions.  Every major muscle group will be massaged which will provide your animal with a balanced and relaxed body.


What are the benefits of massage therapy?

  • Assist in maintaining a healthy body and physical condition of the animal.
  • An increased range of motion and enhances muscle tone.
  • Reduced inflammation/swelling in the joints which alleviates pain.
  • Balances the body by treating it as a whole instead of individual parts.
  • Carries away excessive fluids/toxins and promotes healing by increasing nutrients to the muscles.
  • Stimulates circulation and releases endorphins which are natural pain killers.
  • Improves flexibility which helps prevent injury.
  • Prevents and relieves stress.


How often should my animal be massaged?

Equine – Canine – Feline

Maintenance (To Maintain Flexibility and Range of Motion – No Injury)

1 Time Per Month

Specific Problem (Performance Issue) or Obvious Muscle Injury

1-2 Times Per Week For 2-4 Weeks Depending On Individual Circumstance

Week 4 and Beyond – As needed depending on condition and factors such as improvement, performance, and confirmation.

You should see results after the first massage if the problem is muscular – very often the issue or concern is able to be resolved within the first few massages.


Does My Animal Need A Massage?


Head Tossing



Ear Pinning




Girthing Issues

Inhibited Motion

Showing Signs of Resistance or Refusal

Difficulty with Lateral Bending and Flexion

Shortening of Stride

Canine – Feline




Changing of gait


Athletic/Sports Injuries

Senior Animals

Scar Tissue Adhesions

Reduction of swelling/edema

Enhancement of waste and toxin elimination

How Do I Prepare My Animal For A Massage?

Equine –

Have your horse clean and dry

Halter and Lead Rope

Owner or Responsible Party Needs To Be Present

Canine – Feline

Have your animal clean

If your animal is excitable or high energy…please exercise them at least one hour BEFORE your massage appointment

Collar/Leash/Harness if needed

We DO NOT take any animals that are aggressive or extremely territorial.  We say this for our own safety and in knowing that the massage would not be beneficial to the animal at this point.


Do You Have To Be Certified To Massage Animals?

YES!  Always make sure that you are hiring someone who has graduated from an accredited school of massage therapy.

Do You Have Insurance?

We have liability insurance.  We feel it is very important that horse/dog/cat owners ask if the therapist has insurance because it shows commitment to the industry and that the therapist understands there are risks in working with horses, dogs, and cats.


Specific Equine Questions:

Do I Bring My Horse To You Or Do You Come To My Barn?

We would prefer to come to your barn where your horse is more comfortable.  If however you are coming home or on your way to a competition, camping, trail riding, etc. We would be more than happy to make arrangements for you to come to my farm.  We also can do massages at competitions, shows, seminars, clinics, etc.

Is There a Reason I should Not Have a Massage on My Horse?

If your horse experiences the following…



Open Wounds


Contagious Diseases

*Do NOT have a massage if any of these are present!


Specific Canine/Feline Questions:

Do I bring my pet to you or do you come to my home?

We are located at 745 N. State St. in Greenfield Indiana…we are a fully equipped brick and mortar store.  We have our massage room at this location where we have soft lighting, relaxing music and a diffuser with essential oils to assist your canine/feline to relax and enjoy their massage.  If for some reason you are unable to transfer your animal, special arrangements can possibly be made to accommodate you.  (Conditions Apply)

Is There a Reason I should Not Have a Massage on my Dog or Cat?

If your dog or cat is experiencing the following…



Open Wounds


Contagious Diseases

*Do NOT have a massage if any of these are present!