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We are proud to be the Official Massage Therapist for Pawbusters Flyball Team based in Michigan as well as Bentley – Hancock County’s Favorite Reading Buddy!

“My name is Krista Cooper and I have been taking my dog Coco (7 yrs. old) to Youngblood’s Animal Massage for over a year.  The reason for looking into massage therapy is because Coco has had 3 knee surgeries and has developed issues with walking or even wanting to walk due to arthritis, inflammation and pain.  The vet prescribed that we try Adderall injections weekly which is extremely costly.  I like the idea of trying anything natural to avoid side effects, so I began with asking questions.  Sam and Kim are just the right people to talk with regarding natural remedies.  Since beginning Adderall injections once a week to every other week and receiving massages, Coco is down to getting an injection only once a month.  Along with massages, I have had Thermography done so I can understand and visualize where Coco’s troubled areas are and also see before and after results from the massages.  It is amazing the results of blood flow after the massage.  I cannot imagine where we would be without Sam and Kim helping Coco along.  If I have any questions, Sam and Kim are very knowledgeable in what they do and what they sell.  If they don’t have an answer to my questions, they go above and beyond to research and respond with suggestions.  Coco is a bit timid, but she walks in like she owns the place and she is so comfortable that she falls asleep during her session.   I recommend Youngblood’s for massage and all natural US made products.  Support small business and support local!”


“Thank you, Sam.  Quincy felt so much better after his massage.  We had struggled with movement issues and he is moving freer after your massage.  You worked calmly around him and showed great respect for him.  We will definitely have you back out to work with him again.”

Barb and Cate


“Samantha has been out numerous times to help my senior gelding. He had been very stiff and reluctant to move out but Sam has been successful in loosening him up, especially in his neck and shoulder area. He is more relaxed and really is enjoying his sessions. Sam is very thorough, professional, and gentle with my boy. Thank you Sam!”



“Sam did a great job working on my flyball sports dog Simon. At under 8 lbs he is hard to keep still. He really enjoyed the healing touch and seemed better able to relax at the end of a full day of racing. We will be regular clients!”



“As many of you know, I see about 200 kids a week listening to them read. You can imagine how tired and achy I am at the end of the week. I also have an old injury from where I was hit by a car. I broke 2 of my legs and now have metal in my legs so I can walk. My legs and muscles are tight and ache, especially with this cold weather. Miss Kim and Miss Sam of Youngblood Animal Massage Therapy LLC come to my house every Friday and give me a massage. I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels to have my massage!! Miss Kim just puts me in such a relaxed state that I am putty in her hands. I would highly recommend their services!! Top notch!!!! Thank you for keeping me healthy and showing so much care and compassion towards me. One great big “HIGH PYR” to you both. WOOFS AND LICKS!!!!! ( For those of you who don’t speak Pyr, that is High five and hugs and kisses).”



“I have an 8 yr old terrier mix that loves to play sports, but unfortunately her shoulder and pelvis get sore at times from a previous injury. I often get her routine chiropractic and massage visits to help keep her comfortable and performing the best she can. I had Sam give her a massage after her first of 2 flyball racing days at a local tournament . Sam was great with my girl, took her time, was very professional and even let my girl give her “Rikki kisses”. On day 2 of racing after the massage her times increased by 2.-.5 seconds (which in the world of flyball, that’s a lot!). I was so happy and thankful that Sam is able to provide this service to our canine family and athletes. Anytime that her service is available at any of my dog sporting events, you can bet that I will take advantage of that and help keep my dogs in tip top shape!”