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Youngblood Animal Massage Therapy was founded in 2013 and is a mother/daughter owned business with a foundation based on God.

We have a close, nurturing, and loving relationship with all of our animals which include cats, dogs, horses, sheep, chickens, and cattle.  We have a deep concern for the well-being of our pets and strive to maintain or improve their health with natural means – fresh air, exercise, and species appropriate food/supplements.  We feel as if massage therapy fits in perfectly with our focus of maintaining healthy and happy lives for all of our animals.  Everyone is treated like family and we have fun with them!

Our dogs are athletes and compete in flyball at tournaments around the country – Frank (our 15 year old Boston Terrier) is ranked #1 in U-FLI for Boston Terriers and we are so proud!  We also have Darla – our couch potato – who is a 12 year old Boston Terrier/Pug mix.  Caution is our Border Staffy who is 8 years old and rocking the flyball lanes with the fastest time of 3.8 seconds…she also loves disc and dock diving!  BZRK is our 6 year old Boston Terrier who has a zest for life and is learning dock diving, flyball, parkour and disc.  Finale is our newest Boston Terrier addition and is 3 year young…she competes in nosework and barn hunt!  Psycho is our baby at 17 weeks and is our Border Staffy puppy…she will be playing all the dog sports!

IMG_0324Our horses (Sage and Duke) are for pleasure riding and are an integral part of our lives and we ride Western, English, and bareback.  We have a senior horse with Emphysema and Stomach Ulcers which we treat with natural supplements and massage therapy and we have found that this greatly improves his condition.

Our cats Winter (Sphynx) and Rumpleteazer (Lykoi) are beautiful additions to our family and make life so much fun!

Our cattle (Angus and Hereford) are very important to us and we pride ourselves on hormone free beef that are raised on grass and grain that enhances and promotes excellent health and reproduction within our herd.

Our flock of egg laying and meat chickens are free-range and are always well taken care of with fresh food and water, plenty of turn out, and safe keeping every night.  They are antibiotic free and our focus is on the health and wellness of our flock.

Samantha (Daughter) has studied, trained, and obtained her CESMT (Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapy), Rehab Therapy and Equine Raindrop Therapy Certificate from NE Indiana Equine Sports Massage & Rehab Facility.  She has also obtained her CEKTP (Certified Equine/Canine Kinesiology Taping Practitioner) from Angels Animals-Holistic Care based in Florida.  Samantha has also obtained additional training for equine saddle fitting and animal thermography from NE Indiana Equine Sports Massage & Rehab Facility in Indiana.  She is also in class for her cranio-sacral certification at this time.  She feels that one must keep up on the latest findings and methods to improve the health of our animals and to educate our clients.  She strives to bring her clients and their animals closer together physically and emotionally and to improve their relationship towards one another through massage therapy.  She has also obtained her title of Certified Pet Food Specialist at Dogs Naturally University…health definitely starts in the kitchen! 

Samantha and Kim have both achieved certification from Equissage for canine massage therapy and are both CCMT (Certified Canine Massage Therapist) after 7 months of studying, training, and written and practical testing.   They are also approved for feline massage therapy and are also members of IAAMT (International Associate of Animal Massage Therapists).  Both Kim and Samantha are trained in red light therapy and Kim has achieved her ANMR certification through Angel’s Animals Holistic Care.  They feel that keeping up with the latest techniques is vital to the health of the animal and education of our clients.

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